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Rat and mice poisons are killing Australian Owls

Help us get SGARs out of your local community.

When rats or mice show up uninvited, we often reach straight for the rodent bait. But how we manage rodent infestations can have deadly impacts on our pets – and local wildlife.

Owls, frogmouths, eagles, and other Australian birds are dying after eating rats and mice exposed to Second-Generation Anticoagulant Rodenticides (SGARs).

Key problems with SGARs are:

  • SGARs don’t kill instantly; poisoned rodents spread the threat around

  • Rodents remain contaminated for many months, even after they die!

  • It’s not just birds! Any animal that eats rodents is at risk, native mammals like quolls, native reptiles like snakes and goannas, and even pet cats and dogs!

  • SGARs are regulated in the USA, Canada, and the EU because of the risks

  • There are alternative products available for purchase in Australia, see the below resources.

BirdLife Australia has a great website with loads of information and resources to help you take action and act for birds:



Lesser Sooty Owl photo by Keith Fisher


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