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Save Birds Save Life

North Queensland is a hotspot for biodiversity in Australia but many species are at risk. Threats including climate change, habitat loss, degradation and fragmentation, and invasive plants and pest animals are having adverse impacts, particularly on our bird life. Unless urgent action is taken, we risk losing them forever. 

Our Committee, members, and supporters have extensive conservation skills and experience, and are committed to working with our local communities, land owners and managers, and Government to deliver meaningful conservation outcomes. 


We have a diverse array of activities centred on research, conservation, and community engagement, with exciting volunteer opportunities available. Explore our Projects, Programs and Activities to learn more. Together, we can make a difference. We invite you to get involved. 

Southern cassowary


Goal: Long-term conservation outcomes

BirdLife Northern Queensland Projects are specifically designed to address a local avian conservation issue that requires scientific understanding and / or dedicated action. Each Project is endorsed by the Committee and is led by a Project Leader. Each Project has an Action Plan which includes a clearly defined problem, strategic objectives and outcomes, a budget and timeframes, and identifies key stakeholders and resources needed. Our Project Leaders provide regular progress reports to the branch.

Torresian Imperial Pigeons
Gouldian Finches
Gouldian finch


Goal: Education, awareness and engagement

BirdLife Northern Queensland Programs are specially designed to provide ongoing public education about our birds, promote awareness of the threats they face, and encourage engagement within our communities so that together, we can make a difference. These Programs are developed and led by BirdLife Australia, and are implemented at a local level by the Committee and BirdLife Northern Queensland members. 

Golden bowerbird


Goal: Supporter and community engagement

BirdLife Northern Queensland regularly hosts activities and events across the Far North. From regular monitoring at Hasties Swamp and Warrina Lakes, to talks by pre-eminent scientists and exceptional naturalists, to long weekend camping trips in outstanding birding destinations – everyone is invited to participate. Our activities are are great way to discover our birds, meet like-minded people, and make a difference. To stay up to date with what's on, sign up to receive our monthly update, follow us on Facebook, or check out our Events page.

Threatened species in our region

Following the recent publication of the Action Plan for Australian Birds 2020 (Garnett and Baker) it is timely to consider the change in threat status for birds in the Far North Queensland region. 

How can you get involved?

Everyone has different amounts of time available, skills to offer, or interests they want to explore. With BirdLife Northern Queensland, there are loads of ways to get involved. You can become a member or a supporter and attend our events, join the Committee and help take the branch from strength to strength, lead a conservation Project, give a talk to our members, ​volunteer and be a citizen scientist, or host an event at your favourite birding spot.


We truly believe that our success lies in the strength and diversity of our team and our members. So, please join us and add your voice to the conversation and your hands to the action.

Graham Harrington Student Scholarship lo

BirdLife Northern Queensland has established an annual Student Research Scholarship in honour of Graham Harrington to encourage student researchers to pursue the systematic study of northern Queensland birds, share their discoveries, and contribute to the understanding and conservation of our birds. 


Applications for 2023 are CLOSED.

The 2023 Scholarship was $3,000. 


Scholarship Recipients

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