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Atherton Tablelands Bird Photography Group February meeting report

Alan Sweet | Atherton Tablelands Bird Photography Group Coordinator


Group membership now stands at 116 which is quite gratifying. Of these, around 50 members live on the Atherton Tablelands; 30 members are within the Birdlife North Queensland admin area; and around 30 live elsewhere.

Monthly meeting

As very few of the Atherton members attend the monthly meeting, I issued an invitation for suggestions for change of time, date or venue that would be more suitable. There was no response! Consequently, the next monthly meeting is scheduled for:

10:00 am Monday, 4 March at 15 Countryview Drive, Atherton

Bird photography meet

The Group has decided to hold a Bird Photography Meet on the second Saturday of each month. This will hopefully encourage members to meet, share and learn. The next meet will take place at:

7:00 am Saturday, 10 February at Tinaburra

Atherton Tablelands Bird Photography Group (ATBPG) Challenge

The Challenge has been well received with around 40 submissions each month. It is open to all members provided the bird occurs on the Atherton Tablelands. As a further inducement for members to participate, if anyone has images relative to the topic that may be ineligible for inclusion in the Challenge (i.e. images taken outside the qualifying period), they are encouraged to post them to the Facebook Group page.

All submissions for the ATBPG Challenge are presented for comment at the Group’s monthly meeting. They are then posted as an Album on the Media page.

The 'Pigeons and Doves Challenge' continues until Thursday, 29 February.

February / March Challenge

A new challenge has been issued for February / March. The subject is:

Black and White

The bird need not be totally black and white, but the photo should show strong black and white features such as in the photos above. The Crested Shrike-tit and White-cheeked Honeyeater (photos below) are examples of this.

As usual, the challenge rules are accessible via the “Featured” button at the top of the Facebook page.

Please email submissions to by Sunday, 31 March.

Alan Sweet


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