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2023 Annual General Meeting

Jennifer H Muir | Contact Call Editor

On Sunday, 19 March 2023, Birdlife Northern Queensland (BLNQ) held its Annual General Meeting at the RSL in Cairns. Over 35 people attended, most of whom stayed on for the Cairns “Wave the Waders Goodbye” information and foreshore viewing sessions. You can read Mikey Kudo’s article “Wave the Waders Goodbye” here:

Ceri Pearce, who had been BLNQ’s Convenor for three years, gave an informative, well-presented Convenor’s Report for 2022–2023. Many thanks are due to Ceri for her dedication to her role as Convenor.

You can check out the 2023 AGM Convenor’s Report, Treasurer’s Report and the Meeting Minutes here:

The following Office-bearers were elected:

  • Convenor – Sanne Boland

  • Deputy Convenor – Vacant

  • Secretary – Renée Cassels

  • Treasurer – Lindsay Fisher

The following Committee Members were nominated and accepted:

  • Cairns Area Coordinator – Mikey Kudo

  • Tablelands Area Coordinator – Sam and Martin Willis

  • Cassowary Coast Area Coordinator – Sandra Christensen

  • Cape York Area Coordinator – Doug Herrington

  • Conservation Coordinator – Peter Valentine

  • Grasswren Project Leader – Kath Shurcliff

  • Grasswren Project Special Advisor – Graham Harrington

  • Crane Count Project Leader – Edward Bell

  • Communications Project Leader – Renee Cassels

  • Birds In Schools Program Leader – Pippy Cannon

  • Contact Call Editor – Jenn Muir

  • Social Media Manager – Doug Herrington

Visit our website 'About' page for further information about the branch Committee roles and personalities here:

After the formalities more people arrived to hear Sally Sheldon give us an excellent talk on the shorebirds of the Cairns area followed by Paul Fisk updating us on the situation of Beach Stone-curlews at the Cairns Airport.

This was followed by a brief look at some waders on the Esplanade before the high tide rushed in.


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