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Golden Bowerbird Paluma

A birding paradise

Over 630 amazing species for you to discover in one of the most unique and beautiful places on earth.

Golden-shouldered parrot




Southern cassowary


About us

BirdLife Northern Queensland is one of the largest BirdLife Australia branches, encompassing the Torres Strait, Cape York, eastern Gulf Country, north-eastern arid interior, and the Wet Tropics. With such a diverse variety of habitats, the area has the largest avifauna of any region in Australia, with over 630 species recorded, making it a birding paradise. We are a member, supporter and volunteer based organisation and we welcome you to get involved. 

Carpentarian grasswren

Contact Call

News and editorial

Contact Call has been our quarterly newsletter full of great articles about birds, birding, conservation, and opportunities to get involved since 1994. We've recently 'gone digital' so you can get all the latest news and stories right here and in your inbox on a more regular basis. 

Wompoo fruit dove


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Get involved

As Australia’s birds face an ever-growing number of threats, we look to our volunteers and supporters to help us help our native birds.

There are many ways you can get involved. Make your birding count, volunteer in a citizen science project to help us understand how birds are faring across Australia. Come along to our events. Join as a member or make a regular monthly donation, or a bequest. Your support makes a real difference.

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