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Are Gouldians on your bucket list?

Gouldian Finches are one of Australia's most spectacular birds, however seeing them in the wild is a privilege and a delight especially after they have now recovered from the problems of airsack mite that plagued them for years.

We do have good populations of them in the areas west of Cairns and they have been monitored over the past number of years, but access to their locations is all through private properties and at the moment there isn't a population that can be seen by the public.

In the Northern Territory, the populations north of Katherine around Edith Falls is where they have been easily located for a number of years now. The good news is that over the past two years a breeding population has been found just outside Darwin at Lee Point, a popular fishing and recreation area as well as being an excellent for birdwatching especially shorebirds. We note there is a problem in that area as Defence have the land allocated for future housing which would clear much of their habitat.

Another beautiful area with stunning scenery and a reliable place to see them is Australian Wildlife Conservancy's Mornington Wilderness Camp. Although it has been devastated by the recent floods we hope that it will be able to open again in 2024.

Image by Keith Fisher at Karma Waters on the Mitchell River in 2020


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