Contact Call | Volume 11 Number 1 | March 2022

When we think of bird species that are endangered in our region of Northern Queensland, our thoughts go to the Wet Tropics and climate change affecting high altitude birds.

However, there is one species a long way from the Wet Tropics that is in trouble and needs our help.

The Golden-shouldered Parrot is found at Artemis Station on Cape York Peninsula and habitat change is causing a dramatic fall in their numbers.

Artemis Nature Fund (ANF) was set up a few years ago to support the work being done on the property to hopefully reverse the decline of this beautiful parrot. In June last year Birdlife Northern Queensland (BNQ) donated $2,000 to ANF.

What we would like to do this year is to encourage you, our members and supporters, to donate to this worthwhile cause on a Dollar for Dollar ($4$) Donation basis where BirdLife Northern Queensland will match your donations up to a total of $2,000.

Together, we can double the support we provide to save the endangered Golden-shouldered Parrot.


To do this just visit, click on the donation heading and follow the prompts to donate.

The process is the same whether you choose to make a donation directly to the Artemis Nature Fund, or through their link to Landcare for tax deductibility (also on their webpage).

Follow the steps on the online form and when you reach the billing section add the following words to the section about ‘additional information’ or ‘leave a comment’ section – please write BNQ$4$.


This opportunity will run until the end of April and then we will make a donation from BNQ funds. We will report on the outcome in the next edition of Contact Call.

It is hoped that BNQ will be able to also assist ANF in the field sometime in the future.

The following article put out by ANF gives an overview of the work they have completed in 2021 to help save this beautiful parrot.

Image by Martin Willis

Article by Lindsay Fisher. Image by Martin Willis.


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