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BirdLife Northern Queensland welcome their newest committee member at a very enjoyable committee meeting on Saturday, 3 July. The meeting was held near Malanda on Graham Harrington’s verandah. For those committee members not able to attend in person, we had a Zoom option for video teleconferencing.

The meeting was both productive and delightful because of the numerous birds flying through or dropping into the meeting, as the below image of a Macleay’s Honeyeater on Peter Valentine’s head shows. Even those on Zoom could see the bird high jinks! With Victorias Riflebird, Pale Yellow Robin, Grey-headed Robin and Golden Whistler popping by regularly, we were easily distracted.

Graham Harrington delights in sharing his feathered friend's antics with the Committee
Ceri Pearce, Ray Pierce, Graham Harrington, and Renee Cassels joining on Zoom from Sydney

It’s amazing we made it through the agenda and had a very productive meeting! Special thanks to Graham and Gill Harrington for hosting our meeting in their slice of birding paradise.


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